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Mr. Modi, Be The PM India Deserves, Of All Indians, Not Just Of The RSS!

 In Karnataka, Dhanyashree, a young woman barely twenty years old, has taken her life; I say she was cruelly driven to her death. She was harassed on social media and in person by the Hidutva vigilantes in their fight against the so called Love Jihad. This heinous vigilantism has been unleashed, or rather uncorked, by the many fronts of the Hindutva brigade long nurtured by the RSS. It has become more virulent and pervasive under the almost complete and complicit silence of Narendra Modi and his entire regime.

Initially in some stories the murdered Dhanyashree's photo had been published without naming her--the ultimate indignity to the brave young woman forced into death by religious fanatics. The BBC and the Indian media have described Dhanyashree's death as a suicide; I say shame on them; it was anything but. Suicide has a ring of weakness, of cowardice. She was neither a coward nor guilty of anything any young man or woman shouldn't do: Express themselves freely, without fear or favour; have respect for all peoples and faiths. All she is reported to have done is to proclaim on the facebook that she liked Muslims; she hadn't said she hated being a Hindu or whatever her faith may have been. Should India want or have its men and women hating its diversity? I am afraid, under the drumbeat of the advancing authoritarian boots of the Hindutva brigades, the answer is yes; from all accounts of their antics it appears they would rather have Indians harbour, express and physically act out hate for our diversity.

Freedom that our ancestors, yours and mine, fought so hard to win from the British colonialists, was it to only be colonised in turn by the worst kind of colonialists--of mind and thought--the religious colonialists enslaving men and women in the name of religion teaching us to hate, kill and be killed? Last time I checked it wasn't a crime to speak to, socialise with, like or marry a Muslim or anyone of your choice; nor should it ever be in the land of the Mahatma and Buddha. Without personal freedom, liberty is meaningless; and if despite the laws there is in fact little or no individual liberty in India, its constitution is meaningless.

Mr. Modi, if you have any decent bone or pore left in your body, be a human being for a change--I would have said be a man but that would be insulting to women, although you of the 56" chest might not think so--and apologise to the family of the woman in Karnataka that was murdered by the vigilantes of Hindutva. She was murdered by them under your watch as Prime Minister; shame on them; and upon you if you don't have the decency, the heart, and the courage to accept responsibility for her death--as the Prime Minister of the country.

Break your near monotonous silence to prevent people being killed in the name of Hindutva at the altar of pyrrhic electoral victories.

Mahatma Gandhi was prepared to die but not kill, not even for independence; born out of death and destruction, power and freedom would have been meaningless.

Godhra stunk to high heavens Mr. Modi; any power gained or sustained upon more dead bodies would stink to even higher heavens.

Mr. Modi, shed your past of just being an RSS parcharak; India needs not an RSS parcharak.

It needs a Prime Minister, of India, of all Indians.

Mr. Modi, be the Prime Minister India deserves.


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Sunday, 21 January 2018

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